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01-06-2016: Latest Enbloc sales may bring surge of demand for Queens Peak Condo.

25-05-2016: Good Demand for city fringe properties.

14-05-2016: Dundee Road Queens Peak next to Queenstown MRT for property investors

14-05-2016: Showflat Location

05-05-2016: Dawson Estate near Queenstown MRT Station.

05-05-2016: Queens Peak Condo is near to Crescent Girl”s School as well as Valleypoint Shopping Centre.

03-05-2016: Property investments are promising in Singapore.

02-05-2016: HY Realty win the tender of land parcel – Dundee Road Near Queenstown MRT

29-04-2016:  Final Tender Results for Queens Peak at Dundee Road.

28-04-2016: Developer MCC Land for Queens Peak

22-04-2016: location proximate to Queenstown MRT Station.

Queens Peak Condo Near Dundee Road (A Project By MCC Land)

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Queens Peak Condo Near Dundee Road: Quality Lifestyle At Its Best



With given constraints of short land supply, the property development sector in Singapore is a challenging one. The demand for housing is on high in the country. Keeping the public concerns in mind, MCC developer is going to launch a new condominium by the name of Queens Peak, near Dundee Road. It is a wise investment for those who are looking for a good home to reside in. Queens Peak is the one of the hottest condo being constructed to favor and beautify the private housing development. I call it next gen housing plan. Let’s move on a virtual tour of how the life of its residents would be:

Queens Peak Conso- An Overview

Queens Peak is a 99-years leasehold property, located near Dundee Road, Commonwealth Avenue, Orchard Road, District 03 with around 113,194 square feet of land area. The condo will be comprised of approx 700 units with different ranges from 1 to 4 bedrooms. Besides, this condominium is developed by renowned developer MCC Land & HY Reality. The property is at city-fringe location- providing proximity to Queenstown as well as the MRT station. In short, an advanced housing project that provides a healthy and peaceful lifestyle to its residents.

Why Should You Invest In Queens Peak Condominium

The condominium is full of amenities to serve its residents. The condo is designed to serve people of all ages. The quality lifestyle is set as a top priority, and every inch is designed accordingly. Moreover, the nearby area enhances your experience by many times. Let me explain how:

  • Outfitted With Facilities: The new Queens Peak condo is equipped with many amenities such as fitness corners, swimming pools, special occasion rooms, indoor gymnasiums, and tennis courts. Besides, it offers BBQ pits for parties and assemblies.
  • Well-Designed: The condo is suitable for people of all ages. The elegant and spacious structure and design is very appealing and promotes healthy living. The flats are available in different sizes so as to suit different family sizes.
  • Hawker Centers and Markets: Food fans can stopover the street-hawkers, offering fresh and delicious food, near the Queens Peak. The Tanglin Halt Market, Mei Ling Market, Alexandra Village Food Center and ABC Brickworks Market are some food destinations worth visiting.
  • Ease Of Travel: The condo is well-connected with major roads of the city such as- Dundee Road, Orchard Road, Commonwealth Avenue via AYE. Besides, it is proximal to the MRT station. Such a central location providing you with private and public transport options to visit different places in the city.
  • Best For Working People: The condo is just a stone throw away from the Central Business District (CBD), featuring to save the travel hassles, time, and energy. Also, many employment opportunities are available in these business hubs. This proximity also raises opportunities to build relationship and land a great job.
  • Shopping Malls and Pubs: Near the Queens Peak, many shopping malls and pubs remain open even in late hours of the night. They could be your favourite place to chill out with friends and family. Shopping centres namely Queensway, Valley point, Anchorpoint and Ikea Alexandra are 10-15 minutes drive away from the condo and you can easily shop there for your daily needs. In addition to this, they offer many eateries and entertaining options. I can’t help mentioning Tiong Bahru Plaza and Vivo Shopping Centres. They are not much close to the condo but are just a few miles away.
  • Academic Institutions: The condo is very close to some highly reputed educational institutes such as Queenstown Primary & Secondary School, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Crescent Girl’s School and National University Of Singapore. It’s a perfect spot for the families with kids. You can apply for admitting your child in one of those prestigious schools.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: On the Dundee road, there are many restaurants, cafes, F&B outlets, and retail stores that sell the goods of basic needs. One can visit such restaurants and cafes for dinners or parties. Besides, many general shops are available around the condo that offers stuff at affordable prices.
  • Residential Parks and The Canal: The persons who want some recreation facilities, around the living, can visit nearby parks. HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, West Coast Park and many other parks are just a few minutes walk away from the condo. Alexandra Canal Linear Park, near the apartment, equips with all the leisure equipment for persons of all ages. Skate-lovers will also find a corner dedicated to them in the park.Besides, there is an Alexandra canal a few walk away from the condo that brings you closer to the mother nature. Along the canal line, you will find a chain of wetlands and decks. I count them as the best place for relaxing.
  • Rail Corridor and Community floor: There are many exciting developments along the Rail Corridor, close to the condo, offering small and vast spaces to enjoy jogging, cycling, walking with friends, and family. Besides, there are community decks where you can spend quality time with your nears and dears.
  • Recreational Facilities: The condo is surrounded by Queenstown Stadium and Queenstown Sports Centre. One can visit these places for fun or leisure. Also, the Queenstown Public Library offers a broad range of books of the different genre for book-lovers.

Final Advice

Long story short, you can rely on the prestigious name of the developer- MCC Land. The condo is a proud housing project, full of amenities; that adds to the quality lifestyle. No doubt, the condo itself provides the buyers with utmost quality facilities, plus, you shouldn’t ignore the location itself and the nearby developments that enhance your experience with the condo.

Furthermore, the area is on a regular development and, in future, may grow by many folds regarding facilities nearby. Start to register for your VVIP preview for Queens Peak condo and join the long list of proud buyers of MCC.

Queens Peak Condo: Nearby Shopping Centres And The Benefits

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How The Nearby Shopping Centers Can Benefit The Future Residents Of Queens Peak

Many shopping centers namely Anchor point, Alexandra, Queensway and many others are just a few miles away from the Queens Peak Condo. One can visit any of these shopping centers for recreational, leisure, or shopping. Besides, having proximity to the shopping centers offer:


  • Save Time and Energy: How annoying will it be, if you are driving to some distant shopping centers but got stuck amidst a traffic jam? And even worse, what if you have to visit there twice or thrice in a week. That’s insane, isn’t it?
    On the other hand, what if some shopping centers are just a minutes drive away from your apartment. Not only, it cuts your traveling time down but also saves you from the rough traffic conditions.
  • Minimize Expenses: If some shopping centers and malls are close to your address, you can either ride or walk to reach there. As an alternative, you can approach a nearby MRT station that is much cheaper than the personal riding.
  • Get Better Accessibility: Of course, you have easy access to the groceries or other stuff of daily needs. You don’t need to make a bulk purchase or take a short leave from work just to do some grocery shopping. Such shopping centers have many outlets, so it’s rare that they run out of supply. You can grab your things even in late hours.
  • Define Them As Landmark Spot: A general use but it works. They act as some prominent landmarks for your friends to visit you. Most of the public transport drivers are familiar with the main facilities of the city. They can easily ride your guest home.
  • Find Amusement At Any Time: Closeness to some shopping centers allows you to chill there with friends and family. You can visit the places for a matinee show or just for a regular shopping or just to have some quality time with your dears. Besides, such centers host many game parlors.
  • Visit For Munchies: If you are a food lover, the nearby shopping centers are the perfect place so as you taste some delicious dishes and enjoy beverages. The shopping centers host many reputed restaurants such as McDonald, Dominos, KFC and many others.
  • Nurture Your Relations: If you go through hectic work hours or spend most of your time on business stuff and it’s affecting your relationships stuff then Queens Peak Condo can help. As its proximity to shopping centers allows you to take your family outdoors without scheduling long hours. Just a few minute ride and a few hours together will spice up your relations helping better bonding.


If you are still in consideration mode about whether to book an unit in Queens Peak Condo, then it’s the right time today to register your interest. The quality of the lifestyle that the condo offers, the location of the condo, and the reputation of the Developer makes it a no-brainer. Go ahead and get your unit booked today.

Queens Peak Condo: Nearby Schools And The Benefits To The Parents

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How The Nearby Good Schools Can Give The Parents Benefit For Their Children Of The Queens Peak Condo

Many renowned schools namely Queenstown Primary & Secondary School, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Crescent Girl’s School are just a few minutes ride away from the Queens Peak Condo. Some are as close as it takes just a few minute walk. It increases the real living value, of the condo, for its buyers. Such a proximity helps parents to feed their children with a quality education without stressing them much with traveling or a tightly packed schedule.


As the renowned educational institutes are close to the Queens Peak Condo, it allows parents to provide their children with a variety of advantages such as:

  • Never Be Late Again: Every parent faces the situation that some children are too stubborn in the early morning. The condition is even worse if the school is located miles away. You have to wake the child up much sooner in the morning. It won’t be a case if you are a proud resident of Queens Peak.
  • Always Within Reach: It is usual to see that sometimes children do not pack their bags with all the stationaries or other stuff like books, pens, pencils, files, etc. In such a case, as the schools are just a few minutes walk away they can fetch their stuff with ease. In addition to it, many stationary shops are available near the school. They can buy from them as well.
  • Better Scheduling: In case, children have to attend some extra classes, they are usually late reaching back home if the school is far away. As a result, they run short of the time to do homework or prepare for their tests. A school near to the condo helps maintain a proper schedule for study, playtime, enough sleeping hours and lesser traveling stress.
  • Better Child Safety: Although, security measurements are strict throughout the Singapore, and some stringent traffic rules are made especially around the school areas. Still, the nearby schools minimize the chances of children encountering with marauders, thus, encouraging kid’s safety.
  • Convenient For Emergencies: God Forbid but sometimes, your child may suffer from some health problems or get injured in the playground. It doesn’t make sense you reaching to your child after hours. Thus, proximity helps in better care for your child.
  • Saves Time and Cost: Children get relief from traveling in the overloaded buses or waiting at bus stands. It saves time and money. Besides, personal rides are not required to take children to the school. A short walk will do.


Needless to say, it matters that the schools are not far away from your living place. Queens Peak Condo boasts of possessing such proximity. The child will spend his time doing the right things such as playing, doing homework, preparing for the tests, having some leisure, and having enough sleeping hours rather than spending most of the days amidst traffic or crowded buses. You do a big favor to your child by securing an apartment in the Queens Peak Condo.


Queen Peaks

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Queen Peaks

With a maximum GFA of up to 51,528.89 square metres, the development will be able to yield an estimated 645 units. The close proximity of the Dundee Road condominium to the city centre or to the one-north development helps to reduce travelling time to and from work, so saving you valuable time that you could be spending with your loved ones. Queens Peak is also well connected to the remainder of important arterial roads such as Commonwealth Avenue or Singapore via AYE. You may have the capacity to reach your favourite shopping destinations along Orchard Road within a quarter hour.

Queen Peaks Dundee Road

Queenstown, being the first satellite town, will get a chain of transformation, where various kinds of new public and private housing will help rejuvenate the town while maintaining its distinctive character. With various heritage trails organised by MyQueenstown, there will not be any lack of activities for you to get involved in during your weekends as you get to learn more about your neighbourhood.

With a number of cafes, restaurants and pubs that open till late, Holland Village offers you plenty of options for you to chill out and appreciate the nighttime.
Food fans seeking real, local hawker fare will be pleased to know that many great hawker centres are close to dwelling at Queens Peak. Tanglin Halt Market, the Mei Ling Market, Alexandra Village Food Centre and ABC Brickworks Market are just some of the food centres easily accessible on foot, or by car and public transport. You’ll have no lack of alternatives for your day-to-day market demands as well at these markets.

For those who love outdoor activities, important parks like HortPark near Dundee Road, Kent Ridge Park and West Coast Park offers a wide variety of recreational and leisure choices. Weekends WOn’t ever be boring as you trek along the Southern Ridges and reconnect yourself with Mother Nature. You may also have the capacity to love the exciting developments along the Rail Corridor that is nearby, improving the worth of your property at Queens Peak. The strategies for the Rail Corridor contain different types of small and huge party spaces for you to enjoy with your family and friends, in addition to spaces for jogging, cycling walking your dog. Spend quality time with family and your friends at the various community decks along the Rail Corridor, or sit down at some of the cafés with your coworkers to get inspiration for your next breakthrough in your projects.

Queens Peak Near Queentown

Queens Peak is also a brief walk away from the Alexandra Canal, which experienced a makeover several years past. The revitalised waterway offers a chain of lookout decks and wetlands for you to appreciate the relaxing effects of being close to water. The Alexandra Canal Linear Park also offers a variety of play and fitness equipment for all ages, as well as a skate corner for serious skaters.
The development is close to schools including Queenstown Primary and Secondary School, Crescent Girls School and National University of Singapore, perfect for families with school-going kids. With its close proximity to the MRT too as being along major bus routes, a home in Dundee Road lets you get to everywhere in Singapore easily.
Queens Peak will be well equipped with fitness corners, in addition to various facilities such as a function room, swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor gymnasiums. There will additionally be BBQ pits accessible for you to encourage your relatives and friends over for assemblies and parties.
An opportunity to put money into a property at a city-fringe location for example Queenstown, as well as its close promixity to an MRT station, is a rare find given Singapore’s small land supply. You’ll have the ability to get to your work place in the Central Busines District or one -north within minutes via public transport. Entertainment, major retail and F&B outlets are also within reach along Orchard Road via bus or . auto Alternatively, seek out quieter F&B choices at Dempsey. Invest in your family or tenants, and an unit at Queens Peak condo now will thank you for a quality roof over their heads at such a location that is convenient.

How Surrounding Area Benefits Queens Peak Residents

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How The Area Development Has an Edge For Future Residents Of Queens Peak

Queens Peak Condo is located at Dundee road that is a prime location of the city. The area is fully developed and surrounded by famous places for shopping, amusement, transportation, and even business institutions. As a proud future resident of Queens Peak, you will avail some big benefits of proximity such as:

Nearness To Transportation Spots

The location is so prime that it is well-connected to major roads and stations that enable you to reach anywhere around the city. Queenstown MRT station and bus stops are just a few miles away from the Queens Peak Condo. It allows you some easy visits to ViVo City, Harbourfront, Jurong Lake District, Raffles City Convention Center and many other nearby places. Besides, your can go to Ayer Rajah Expressway via Alexandra Road. The other nearby roads such as Tiong Bahru Road, CTE Road let you visit Universal Studio and Resort World and Sentosa with a few minutes drive.

Proximity To Educational Institutes and Business Hubs

Many primary, secondary and international schools are located close to the Queens Peak Condo. The list includes big names such as Queenstown Primary School, New Town Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Primary School, Telok Blangah Primary School, Bukit Merah Secondary School, Henderson Secondary school, Crescent Girls School, and Tanglin Trust School.

Besides, there is a Central Business District, which provides many employment opportunities for career seekers.

Convenience To Shopping Centers, Universities, and Parks

Owe to the location of Queens Peak Condo, you need just a few minutes’ drive to visit IKEA Alexandra, Anchorpoint Mall, Queensway Shopping Center, Orchard Shopping Belt, Star Vista, One-north Business Parks, and The National University of Hospital.

Besides, many parks are situated near the Queens Peak Condo such as Alexandra Canal Linear Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, West Coast Par. You can choose to visit there in your leisure time.

Closeness To Entertaining Facilities and Food Markets

Queenspeak-condo-area-development-benefitsThe location allows you to visit many food centers and markets to chill out with friends and family. The yummy and incredible foods & beverages, offered by the street hawkers, restaurants, and cafes, are always within your reach. These eateries are just a few minutes drives away from the Queens Peak. Some renowned eatery places are ABC Brickworks, Village Food Center, Tanglin Halt, Redhill, Bukit Merah, Mei Chin. Also, there is Sheng Siong Market and Fairprice market nearby, where you can buy your daily needs stuff.

Other Recreation Developments

There are many leisure facilities available around the area such as Delta Sports Complex, Tanglin Public Golf Course, Hill Parks, and some Botanic gardens that you can visit for amusement and spend time with your nears and dears.

Besides, there is a public library located near the Dundee road. It’s a heaven for the book lovers. Also, nearby is a skate-corner specially constructed for the serious skate fans so as to practice and enhancing skills.

Long story short, all the day-to-day requirements be it shopping, leisure, amusement, playgrounds or secure connection with the other parts of the city are within reach of Queens Peak Condo residents.


Queenstown MRT Station MCC Land Dundee Road

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Queenstown MRT station is located is found in the Queenstown district of Singapore. The MRT network is an extremely popular form of public transport on the island. Really the MRT network is well used by commuters, workers shoppers along with that find it a fast and convenient means of traveling around Singapore itself for Queenstown Primary School.

Queenstown MRT Station

The Queenstown MRT station is really useful for the residents of the Queenstown district on the isle. They can use the station to get the MRT that takes them to work, and make the return journey after they’ve concluded for the day. Shoppers near Queenstown MRT Station also use this station on their way to and from shopping excursions for any of the shopping malls in the city centre. HY Realty locates near to Dundee Road Queens Peak.

Queenstown district is just a short distance from the Queenstown MRT station and Anchorpoint shopping centre, about ten or a five minute walk away, o people can go on some of the frequent bus services for four or three stops. Many people really commute to the Queenstown district as they work there or because they go there to go shopping. Yet most people go to the MRT station to go to get to someplace else before making the return journey.

Queens Peak

The Queenstown MRT station is laid out in such a manner that it is simple to locate the service you need to reach your final destination. Moreover been able to board on MRTs it’s next to the bus station so that you catch the bus should you not want to walk the short distance to Queenstown itself. Over all then this MRT station is in a perfect location for travel to and from Queenstown. The people in the district find it useful for going where they need to get to and back . The station itself is not tidy, ancient, too as been clean.

All About Metallurgy Corporation of China (MCC Land)

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MCC Land: Developer OF Queens Peak Condo

MCC Land: The Developer Of Queens Peak Condominium

MCC Land is one of the premier Real Estate, and Property Development Company, located in Singapore. The company’s key focus is to dominate housing and other construction projects on the land of Singapore. It has completed many remarkable housing plans, and Queens Peak is soon going to be one of the great examples shortly. Besides, MCC has spread its route to some engineering projects as well such as Queenstown MRT.

The MCC Land is the subsidiary of MCC Group i.e. Metallurgy Corporation of China which is one of the leading steel company. The company has bidden many construction projects at fair prices and even grown during the slump period of the construction sector. Serving Singapore is a challenge as the land is a scarce resource here but the demand scores through the roof. Still, the company nailed some major projects even at the time of economic recessions.

Gracious History Of MCC Land

MCC group started it’s venture into Asia Pacific by setting up its subsidiary as MCC Singapore in 1996. Further to diversify and accelerate its business plans in Singapore, another subsidiary MCC land was established in 2010. MCC Land is dedicated to real estate sectors. It provided an excellent service in the housing sector and had transformed the whole cityscape by constructing many landmark developments.

The key focus of the company was to provide a superior lifestyle to Singaporeans by building luxury residential condominiums and Buildings. It owns a diversified portfolio of luxury residential projects such as the canopy, Canberra Residences, The Santorini, and TRE Residences. Some other are- The POIZ Residences and POIZ Commercials.


Till October 2015, the company had successfully launched about 3821 private condos and executive condominium units. Besides, many other projects such as The Nautical and The Forestville also grace the developer’s portfolio. Additionally, it manages the Sea Horizon Condominium.

As the company is entirely familiar with the locality of Singapore and thoroughly understands the aspiration of its residents, it aims at providing better lifestyle with its every new project. You can rely on the name of MCC Land.

What Can Buyers Expect From MCC Land

MCC Land is gaining a strong presence in Singapore and is becoming one of the leading constructors in Singapore’s construction industry. One can expect a completely healthy and superior lifestyle from the enterprise.

The company is restlessly providing excellent services to the Singaporeans and is focused on becoming the Asia’s leading all-rounder property developer. So, it constructs every inch of its projects with high standards as its reputation is at stake.

Also, have a look at the earlier projects, the design and structure of the constructions are highly appreciable. The company is breaking new grounds to touch the perfection.

One can expect the same quality living and even more from its new project- Queens Peak. The Queens Peak Condo is soon going to be launched at the Dundee Road. Book your unit before it runs out of availability.


Queens Peak Developer – Mcc Land

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MCC Land is a construction and property development business, which is based in Singapore. The firm was created during 1994 for the purpose of completing other and housing building projects on the island. The direction of MCC Land has been successful in constructing some housing projects that are important and well-known since it was set up, and it’s grown noticeably in that time. Apart from involvement in housing projects and real estate the firm also takes part in engineering work. It is the developer for Queenstown MRT Queens Peak Condo.

Although MCC Land has been running as a company since 1994 it was not fully integrated until 2010. It’s part of the bigger the MCC Central Research Institute of Construction & Building. The business is keen to acquire construction project contracts, which come around to bid on fairly often in Singapore. Building projects carried on although the global downturn did have an impact on property prices. With land been a rare commodity in Singapore the building sector wasn’t as hard hit as it was in many other countries. There were retail and housing building projects that the business has been able to participate in, letting it to still have an income even during times that are harder.

In the last few years there have been enough construction projects to keep building firms in company, and the building industry has been helped by the Singapore authorities by bringing housing developments and redevelopments forward. Alongside housing developments Singapore has observed the building of several big shopping centres as well letting a greater scope to construct things to MCC Land.

Dundee Road Queens Peak

Some of the developments the company was responsible for building comprise Forestville, The Santorini, and The Poiz. These have tended to let and sell ardently and have been high rise residences with executive condominiums. The developments have all gained from been in good places too.

Tender for Queenstown Queens Peak Condo

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The Government Land Sales Programme has began a fresh land sale in Queenstown to be put out for bid to the developers who are keen to built a new condo at the site which is found right beside Queenstown MRT Station. The bid winning for Dundee Road Queens Peak Queenstown MRT is HY Realty.

The firm has put in a top bid of S$483.18 million equates to S$871.14 per square foot (psf) per plot ratio which is nearly 10% higher than the Allgreen Properties which indicate that HY Realty is really assured about the location of the development. The government’s together with the recent property measures stand to instill qualifying the developer’s appetite has dampen for risk specified the developers are to pay for qualifying costs for the proportionate variety of units unsold in a development for Queenstown Bid.

Queenstown Estate for Tender

It was noted that the number of bids received was less than ideal. Developers are worried that there are still many unsold units around the Alexandra and Queenstown region where developments such as Principal Garden brought less than perfect answer from the developers. Queens Peak Condo is near to Anchorpoint and Ikea Alexandra.

HY Realty principal owners and directors are Du Zhenzeng and associate Wen Baoguo (the owners of Hao Yuan also) are transferring their business to mostly being involved in the development of city-fringe homes instead of suburban areas.

Tender Queenstown Queens Peak

From and a spokesman HY Realty indicated that the plot of land appears an ideal measure for HY Realty to step into city fringe condominium development and that they are assured in the Singapore real estate market. The Group has previously concentrated on developing land plots that are outside the city or ECs and this signify a significant change in the developer’s strategy when it comes to Singapore real estate.

Analyzer were quick to notice the number of bidders come as a surprise given that a Toa Payoh plot of land has garnered this plot of land and 14 interest isn’t near the MRT. Yet, for the Queenstown tender which is right next to Queenstown and closer to the city, there are only 4 bids.

Queens Peak at Dundee Road

Aside from HY Realty most of the property developers that offer to redevelop parts of the Queenstown weren’t too optimistic about having the ability to sell all the new units that would become available. Additionally it is noted with them bidding the Jurong West Street 41 Package B in addition to the Toa Payoh site which they did’t managed to get the bid that HY Realty has been quite active in bids in Singapore.